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Company Overview - TactiCom, Inc.  

TactiCom - Product suite Founded in 1994, TactiCom ( is a profitable, privately held, US Corporation with offices in United States and Europe. Our personnel are seasoned professionals with development and marketing experience from industry leaders such as IBM, Anderson Consulting, GE, NEC and Compaq Corporation. Our clients range from small private companies to large multinationals such as Intel, BOC & Compaq.

Our extensive software development library, developed over ten years, enable us to provide high quality, cost effective applications and systems within relatively short development cycles and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We have a proven track record providing cost effective, revenue generating solutions for both large and small clients world wide.

Through our application services group we own and operate high performance redundant servers in multiple locations worldwide and in the USA on both the east and west coast. Our services include automated application monitoring, which ensures that all components of your applications and internet services are functioning correctly. Our hosting clients include Compaq, The United States Federal Government and many other high profile companies who require high bandwidth, performance, security and availability.

Our management consulting services offers organizations solutions to leverage the internet, business process automation, emerging business models, software as a service (SaaS), apps, social media, and other SaaS paradigms.

We can assist you in developing your specification, budget and schedule, as well as developing your product or application. In most cases, we will quote you a fixed price for your application. We include a service contract with guaranteed response time with both phone and e-mail support. Our clients will attest to our on-time, on-budget, high-quality internet systems development.

Intel Network Systems Product Wizard

  • Internet & Extranet applications and systems
    • Semi-Custom from 100+ application library
    • B2B & B2C E-Commerce Systems
    • Quality systems
    • Custom database-driven sites / systems
    • Support for all major databases

  • Formal QA process
    • Formal review process
    • Source archive and revision control
    • Functional, Performance, Security & Compatibility Testing

  • Maintenance contracts
    • High performance, high availability hosting
    • Compatibility, performance & security updates
    • Content management & updates
    • 24/7 System & application monitoring
    • Phone & e-mail support

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