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Lead Management Systems - Leads & Contacts Sources  

Lead Management Systems - Leads & Contacts Sources

Leads & contacts can originate from multiple sources.
Direct interface with most CRMs, databases and legacy systems.

Web based Forms:
The web based forms can be the inquiry forms on your web site or forms your agents' use to enter and follow-up on leads.
Direct support for iPhone, Blackberry, WAP based devices and smart phones.
  • User or agent is presented with a specific questionnaire based on product or area of interest
  • Questionnaire qualifies user and assess users' interest in product (need), level of funding and time to purchase
  • Additional questions, depending on geographic location, entered in user contact form may be presented (Vertical Markets, Geographic Region, etc.)

Data Feed:
The system can receive data feeds from sources such as call centers, other lead or contact management applications and external data sources.
  • System supports real time and batch mode processing
  • Systems can interface with most legacy systems
    • ODBC data sources
    • SQL sources
    • E-Mail
    • XML, CSV, FTP file drop

Application Integration:
LMS can interface with external CRM, Lead allocation tables, Desktop applications, etc.
  • Siebel,, SalesLogix & SAP CRM
  • Goldmine & ACT CRM
  • SQL Server & Oracle based systems

Manual Import:
Authorized administrators can import lead and contact data from files in several different formats.
  • Delimited files
  • Database files
  • Spreadsheets (Excel etc.)

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